independent bookstore in evanston has books you'll love

If you’re looking for an independent bookstore in Evanston where you can buy unique books and gifts, this is the place.

At Cultivate, we don’t just want to help you decorate your home and garden with the most gorgeous plants, furnishings, and artwork, we also want to help you and the young people in your life learn more about nature, gardening, plants, animals, and so much more. That’s why we carry a huge assortment of books: more than 190 titles and counting!

True, people often call Cultivate a plant shop, garden center, and gift shop, but we would be remiss if we did not also call ourselves an independent bookstore in Evanston, too. We have the right qualifications: First, we are proud to be a locally owned (and woman-owned, at that) shop whose owner puts her own special touch on every aspect of the business—including carefully selecting the range of books we carry. Second, we are dedicated to offering you and the kids in your life a great selection of entertaining, educational, and unique titles specific to our shop’s priorities: nature, beauty, plants, animals, and humans whose lives have been dedicated to preserving and advocating for such important aspects of our world.

We’ve got books about butterflies, bonsai trees, and bugs; forests, ferns, and frogs; air plants, ancient trees, and the animal kingdom. Our titles range from coloring books for kids and adults to explorations of natural history for more mature readers. Prices range from $4 to $85, with the majority of books priced right in the gift-giving sweet spot of $10 to $40.

Plus, what other independent bookstore in Evanston have you ever seen that’s so beautiful and welcoming? Our unique oasis is designed to let you feel at home. So stop in, browse our books, and stay a while to relax and chat. That’s what we’re here for.