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Healing Yoga with Plants

Join us for Healing Yoga With Plants. There will be light refreshments and people are encouraged to BYOM (Bring your own mat and other props as needed.) We do have some carpeting which is comfy.

Class starts at 8AM and ends at 10AM with mingle and eats following.

$20 online | $25 at door

Teacher Bio

Rachel Lemuel grew up with a deep love and appreciation for animals, plants, and all things nature. Yet she was also drawn to mysticism as she was seeking to understand what truly connected all things. After going through a yoga training program and reading “Autobiography of a Yogi”, her life not only changed, but everything made more sense. As a survivor of trauma, she advocates that yoga saved her life and still is. Rachel continues to walk the stepping stones of this lifetime always learning, practicing, forgiving, and being. Whether, its yoga, guided meditation & yoga nidra, artistic healing, reiki, bodywork, or simply a listening ear, she will gladly help all those in need as we all need LOVE.

When Rachel teaches her classes she incorporates mindful movements, breath awareness, poetry, meditations, creative journaling, and sound healing.