Cultivate Urban Rainforest & Gallery is the Evanston art gallery with nature and beauty in mind.

At Cultivate, not only do we offer the best selection of house plants, gardening supplies, home furnishings, and gifts, we are also committed to helping you decorate your home with the most beautiful nature-themed art we can find. We’ve started to make a name for ourselves as a world-class art gallery by building a network of renowned gallery artists, both local and global, and offering artworks that echo the feelings of our shop: rejuvenating, calming, and reconnecting to nature.

Every two or three months we feature the art of a particular artist. At the same time we have filled the walls and shelves of our 1400-square-foot store—which is set up like a series of living rooms—with the works of an incredible array of textile artists, painters, sculptors, and ceramicists. Read more about our current and upcoming art gallery shows below.


Sharon Bladholm | Verdant Passion

Last Chance to see this great exhibit: Sunday September 2nd, 2018









Other artists whose works are on display :

Barbara Schneider / Sharon Bladholm / Susan McBride / Catherine Tweedie

Jeanine Coupe Ryding