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Become a House Plant Expert

Everyone has an inner green thumb. Most house plants will thrive with a little attention to their specific requirements. We are here to help increase your plant know how.



Tillandsia or air plants can live almost anywhere with a filtered light and a little maintenance. Display an air plant in a pot, tuck one into a bit of driftwood, or simply place it on shelf or a desk. As long as you give them medium to bright indirect light and spray with spring, distilled, or rain water. Make sure you saturate your tillandsia and then shake out your plant so that water will not stay in the crevasse and rot your plant.


Give your succulents a minimum of 6 hours in direct sunlight. A southern- or western-facing window with little obstruction is preferred. When watering, wet soil dry and remain dry 2-3 days between waterings. (Water once every few weeks for a small pot; wait longer between waterings for a larger one). When watering, water thoroughly, allowing excess water to drain out bottom of pot. (During the winter, water less often.) Container must have drainage. Do not be alarmed if lower-level leaves wilt and fall off. This is not indicative of under-watering. The outermost foliage is the best indicator of succulent health.



With a couple exceptions, ferns are allergic to direct sunlight. Like most house plants, ferns are from the forest floor, where light is filtered and the soil rarely dries out. So with a little bit of attention paid to their moisture needs, ferns adapt well to indoor conditions. Plant ferns in a well composted, soilless medium (the one we use and sell is a very rich organic mix) and water them when a finger stuck one knuckle deep into the pot comes out dry. With the occasional cool water shower to rinse their leaves, most ferns will reward you with lush green foliage for years.