Cultivate is the place to find terrariums in Evanston IL.

Terrariums have been around since 1842. A terrarium is a sealed or semi-sealed clear glass enclosure filled with soil and tropical plants to create a miniature landscape. Closed terrariums are especial perfect for moisture-loving plants like mosses and ferns.

Did you know Terrariums, or Terraria, are also easy to care for! Terrariums are a fantastic way to add some green to your home (or give as a gift) without having to care for large, labor-intensive plants. With a bit of know-how, and a dash of curiosity you can maintain the proper conditions for your terrarium. Terrariums feature live plants so the miniature landscapes can evolve and grow over time. That’s part of the fun! We will provide you with care instruction cards with your purchase.


Artist Made Terrariums

Cultivate offers terrariums in many shapes, styles, and sizes, with prices that range from under twenty to several hundred dollars. We have hanging terrariums and table-top terrariums, glass and wood terrariums, and hand-blown glass vessels. You’ll really want to stop in to see for yourself!

DIY Terrariums

We also sell all the supplies you’ll need to create your own terrariums. Glass enclosures, stones, soil, tiny plants and charcoal… anything a confident DIY terrarium maker would need.

We even offer frequent classes in how to build your own terrarium—for both kids and adults. You can check our calendar of events in Evanston to see when our next terrarium class will take place. We are pleased to offer private and small-group terrarium lessons, group BYOB events, bridal and wedding terrarium-making parties, birthday parties for all ages, corporate community-building activities…book your terrarium-themed event in our rainforest!

In the meantime, come on in and check out our vast selection of terrariums and terrarium supplies. We’re happy to show you how to incorporate terrariums into your home, office, or dorm room, and answer any questions you might have.